Works Currently Available

If you are interested in any of these works and would like to see a larger file, please drop me a line and I will happily oblige.

Cyanotype No.5. ‘The Cat and the Crane.’ One Currently Available….Toned Cyanotype on Arches cotton paper 25x20cm. £40.00 unframed.
‘Without You I’m Nothing’ 30x30cm Toned Cyanotype on Arches Cotton Paper. £60
Toned Cyanotype No.2. ‘It Wouldn’t Be Make-Believe….’ 19×24.5cm. £40 plus p&p.
Morning Light Abaft. Oil on board 16x26cm £900
Miss Van Pelt at the Enchanted Castle.
Oil pastel on board 35x35cm (image size) £1,450
Blockhead in the Wilderness.
Oil pastel on board 35x35cm (image size) £1,450
Joseph Moltedo.
Oil pastel on board, vintage frame 28x39cm (image size) £1,150
The Cat and the Crane.
Oil pastel on board 30x45cm (image size) £1,450
Queen B.
Oil pastel on board 16x16cm (image size) £450
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