Still Life with Stormtrooper – a Devotional Object. Oil on board. 12x15cm. I don’t know what it is with me and the original Stormtrooper design, but the hair stands up on the back of my neck at the slightest glimpse of those shiny white surfaces. It’s to do with the cold stare of the helmet I think. The mouth resembling the chilling Roger Kastel poster for Jaws – the sculpt was such a brilliantly timeless piece of work. Liz Moore who sculpted the original Stormtrooper head as well very many of the instantly iconic costumes including C3PO for the first film, died in a car crash just before filming began, so never got to see the (ahem) far, far reach of her work.

Noddy Noire transformed

Now off to a new home. Noddy Noire – someone thinks they’re not in Kansas anymore. Oil on board 22x30cm (painting size). It was only a matter of time – our adventurous friend has made the leap from toy to drawing, then to Cyanotype print and finally a moody-ish little painting.

Noddy Noire – Oil on board 22x30cm (painting size).

Noddy Noire

Well, phew! I EVENTUALLY hit the sweet spot of my latest Cyanotype outpouring ‘Noddy Noire’ after VERY MANY outtakes, and here he is in after several re drawings and more than a few paper/processing experiments. I have three (paper size 28x34cm) unframed currently available £45.00 plus P&P Right-O, I’m off to apologise to some trees then.

Noddy Noire Toned Cyanotype on paper 28x34cm unframed £45.00

I Will Wait Forever

Toned Cyanotype No. 6. ‘I Will Wait Forever’ 30x30cm on Arches Cotton Paper £60.00. Latest in the lovelorn series. This one available now.

Toned Cyanotype No. 6. ‘I Will Wait Forever’ 30x30cm on Arches Cotton Paper £60.00.