Elithabeth the Firtht Woman in Thpathe

Meet Queen Elithabeth the Firtht Woman in Thpathe.
It is widely known that the Elizabethans pioneered space travel, but less publicised is the fact that HRH Queen Elizabeth 1 was actually the first woman on the moon. This portrait shows Liz in the costume she wore on the first of her many spacewalks.

2 Replies to “Elithabeth the Firtht Woman in Thpathe”

  1. I am delighted that Elithabeth has come to live with me and is now a queen in my music room next to Mr Big. She reignth thuopreme in thpathe forever. Beautiful David. I’m thrilled to the marrow with her.

    1. Oh that’s great Gary. They’re perfect together. Thank you very much – I’m so glad you love them. Sounds like you’ll enjoy living with them as much as I did having painted them. Cheers, David.

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