Penumbra. SOLD. Toned cyanotype on paper 18x25cm. Well, while my paint is drying, I’ve been deeply immersed in adapting some of my work for Cyanotype. And it’s LOVE in the first degree. Waist high in experimental permutations, and have fallen hard for Fabriano cotton paper which holds up to the very gruelling processes to which I subject it – coupled with and not least the 3 hour neat and hot espresso soak. This reacts with the iron in the pure and beautiful Prussian Blue, to give an archival and more appropriate (for MY work anyway) simmering, sepia blushed petrol blue black. I shall post here, and on my Insta @david.w.slack as pieces become available. I make these pieces by hand and eye, so each will be different, with many variations in texture, tone and expression of brushwork. #tintin #cyanotype #oilpainting #fairisle #davidwslack #prussianblue #espresso

Penumbra. Toned Cyanotype on Arches Cotton Paper 18x25cm.

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