A Dreamer in the Wilderness Oil Pastel 37x37cm.

Phew! All finished bar the framing. This one is quite a large painting by my standards. I’m currently working on a partner painting to this dreamy guy and I think I shall get them framed up in something grand, brooding and imposing if not a little ostentatious.

Tintin Painting

I’m at the beginning of an idea for my next painting which was to be a very formal posed portrait of Tintin the Explorer, returned from his travels. I thought I’d start with an action sketch of our hero in a snow storm, then bring him back home to the studio seated before a dramatic backdrop. But then this frame caught my eye from Tintin in Tibet, so I roughed it up to see if I might be able to make it into a painting….

Hmm.. something like this might work if I can get the right photographic reference material. I think Snowy might need stay at home though.


I took the early bird train from Ashford to Brussels this morning and made my way to Rue de Sables and the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Arts to dig into the Tintin archives to see if I could find out a little more about the image I have chosen to base my painting upon. I could scarcely believe my luck when I came across this photograph of the Tintin himself, in an almost identical situation. These stills hardly ever surface and I’m guessing this is the snap that Hergé used as reference for his beautiful drawing. The guys at the museum very kindly lent me the original, it will be an invaluable resource for my painting….

New Painting


Hooray it’s Charlie Brown! He has been sitting on my shelf looking at me for a couple of years while I took my experimental painting hiatus.

I’ve got to say that I forgot how much I love the texture and finish of heavy and soft oil pastels – (they are both a bugger and a blessing to use) and from today, I DO SOLEMNLY DECLARE that I will be working on paintings which continue my theme (which seems to be The Icon Made Flesh) for any of you collectors or new viewers alike. So keep em peeled.

Blockhead. Oil pastel on board 17x17cm.