An Ordinary Telegraphist

Body Snatcher.

I’ve been inspired by a World War two painting entitled An Ordinary Telegraphist. First sketch while dog walking here. A bit rough, but as usual for me, it is what keeps the painting fresh, if I stick to the life to be found in a swift rough sketch. The painting of the sailor whose bod I have shamelessly stolen for this piece is in the Greenwich Maritime museum and was commissioned by the The War Artists Advisory Committee which was formed early in the Second World War. Its purpose was to direct and commission art in ways that could usefully serve the war effort; through documenting the conflict, raising morale and promoting national culture. The Committee was led by Sir Kenneth Clark, Director of the National Gallery, and was set up in the light of the significant role played by British artists during World War I.

Little bit of work later, and our latest hero is dressed and ready for action.

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